Twitter Bootstrap style for CakePHP instantly

Bootstrappifier for CakePHP is a Javascript library to use Twitter Bootstrap library with CakePHP without need of FormHelper hacks.

For download:

For install:

0. You have to have Jquery Library

1. You have to have Twitter Bootstrap configured. (cake.generic.css removed from default.ctp, files downloaded and included to you webroot/css and web root/js folders )

2. Copy cakebootstrap.js in your webroot/js folder

3. Your View/Layouts/default.ctp file must include this in head tag:

echo $this->Html->css('bootstrap.min'); //You don't need to add again if you have this

echo $this->Html->script('libs/jquery-1.6.2.min.js');// You don't need this if you have Jquery

echo $this->Html->script('cakebootstrap.js');

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  2. gestudio

    I am using bootstrap directly over cakephp2.0 and forms are ok directly from form helper. What are the advantages of your script so?


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